Secondary Research

During the process of secondary research, I have looked into the cases of other fashion brands to apply visual narrative.

The one giving me a deep impression is J.W. Anderson. He used one stamp to promote his products and presented the model of “less is more” based on one photo from Brazilian model May Merino. The collection based on the inspiration from graffiti artistKeith Karing, was presented on an old stamp, abandoning the traditional idea of advertising as bright color and astonishing view, to enable audiences to witness the design ideas from the picture taken by Jamie Hawkesworth and to resonate with the designer. This case of brand visual narrative has made me realize that visual narrative is sometimes the evolution of a feeling and a concept into a story line naturally. This process is just like playing a 4D jigsaw without presetting, which needs us to fill in those elements in your own way into your own creation.

Figure 1   J.W. Anderson 2016 Spring/Summer Collection Advertisement


Figure 2 Illustration by Illustrator Houqie Mo

I get the inspiration from the illustration, because paper quality will offer the unique touch and smell to audiences; and those mixed sensual impressions could provide a lifelike experience. Illustrations can not only portray different fashion styles in the forms of different themes and contents, but also endow the viewers with more space of visual imagination, distinguished from the clear image of photos.

Famous fashion editor Laird Borrelli said, “images are always linked with the reality no matter how they are changed and process, because they are all about the truth. I’d like to treat fashion illustrations as prose poems with more imaginary narrative. Compared to photos, illustrations are more apparently screened by personal vision. ” I’m thinking how will those visual narrative stories and fashion elements presented by hand painted fashion images enlighten or influence my audiences, during the era when everything seems to be highly digitalized causing the visual fatigue.

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