Tutor’s Feedback

During the Intervention Showcase, I got positive comments and criticisms from my tutor Diana, which is really helpful about how I approached my project.

The suggestions that I got during the tutorial is that rewrite my question and summary to make them better, and then summarize my question to define what the problem and the gap is? Find the opportunity to see why it is particular to my project?

Regarding to my intervention, Diana thought the short video is very fast. The audiences cannot see anything and understand what it is. She told me everything that I research has narrative, so my intervention should show the narrative. And also the analysis, evaluation and conclusion are important.

Diana gave me a useful feedback. Her feedback helped me to know where I could improve, and find a right method to do my work, it was very encouraging. In the next few days, I am going to interview my stakeholders and target consumers to do more research to answer my question. I will prepare a schedule for my work, because I should follow every steps that I will do for the process to develop my project. I will continue to develop the ideas of new intervention in my head.

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