New Research Question And Intervention

I re-considered and changed my research question and intervention after I got the feedbacks from my stakeholders.

I did some secondary research to see the business promotion. I found some problems of my early intervention about Webcasting event. Therefore my next steps I would like to focus on how can visual content help consumers to identify products, what kind of visual story is good to express the brand information and value to my target customers for the emotional promotion? According to my new ideas, I changed my previous question and intervention.

My Previous Question:

How can create new and innovative modes of visual promotion through online channel?

New Research Question:

How can visual storytelling techniques be applied to promote fashion products to Chinese young people through digital media?


A visual storytelling is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. This project that I would like to use the way of visual storytelling to express the fashion concepts, which can build innovative modes of emotional promotion and help my target customers to realize the inspiration, process and meaning behind the fashion products. Through my research, the visual story of fashion products is a powerful way to get the audience’s attention.┬áI make a one-minute video to show a visual storytelling for my early intervention.

My New Intervention is a 50 seconds fashion video to explore the background and concepts of fashion brand.

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