External Feedbacks From My Stakeholders

Through my research, I asked two stakeholders in fashion industry to give me the feedback from my early intervention.

One of them is a fashion editor who works in Bazaar Magazine in China. She read my email and gave me some suggestions. She thinks that firstly I should let my audiences know why I choose products from Chinese young designers as my sale promotion, what is the difference between young designers and traditional fashion brands? And also I should consider the Webcasting event has time limit, the audiences may miss the important information during the event, She suggests that I could combine the digital magazine with my intervention because the digital media has a huge influence on day-to-day lives, which makes it as an excellent tool for business to promote products.

Another stakeholder is a Chinese fashion blogger who are interesting in fashion styling. She claims that I should find my strength compare with my competitors because she saw there are too many brands and designers to promote products through social media. Furthermore, I should know what is the theme of my intervention and who are my target audiences.

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